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2018 Vision Quest with Molly Hamill with Molly Hamill

"The last time I did a vision board was the year I started dating my (now) husband and transitioned from my corporate gig to my own business. My vision board was definitely the anchor that helped me manifest both of those desires"!

$25 for virtual (get a pre-recored video @ 1 PM that day)

$40 in person (supplies are provided for in-person not provided virtually)

Join Molly Hamill while she shares the exact method used to create a vibrant vision board that you’re passionate about. Align your vision board with your chakras and overlay some feng shui into it so you are 100% CRYSTAL CLEAR and DIVINELY ALIGNED with what it is YOU want to create/receive in 2018!

No playing small. No hiding behind fears, doubts or confusion. No people pleasing. Getting massively clear and committed to exactly what you desire and deserve.

Plus, you’ll get:

- An AWESOME meditation that will attune you and your chakras to your vision, which you’ll get to keep and use throughout the year.

- Recommended daily practices to keep the vibe of your vision strong

- Free access to Goals with Soul, a 60-minutes video, so you can create some complimentary goals to your vision board, which excite you and get you into massive action!

There are two options to join:

1. In person, San Diego, CA (limited space so register soon)

2. Virtually (for any non-San Diegans) which will be sent to you at 1 PM on 1/6


Sat Nam.