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Aura Workshop: See the Unseen with Ravi Singh

$50 pre-register $55 day of


What we experience with our senses is only a small part of the spectrum of what is. The great masters have shown us that it is possible to make a dimensional leap and be witness to the inter- penetration of worlds. In this long-awaited class Ravi will present an inspiring Kundalini workout as well as techniques to see auras and dimensions beyond!

Traditionally these 50 techniques were taught to the most exclusive yogis. And now that will be you! Participate in a joyous celebration of Spirit. Meet other beautiful souls who share your journey on a path with Heart. Space is Limited. Please pre-register.

Ravi will be offering a limited number of Aura readings in the day preceding and the days following this event. Call us at the number below to reserve.

Sat nam.

858 291 8959