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Live Link (Online viewing only): Kicking Sugar with Kundalini with Molly Hamill

LIVE Recording of entire workshop. Link will be shared via email upon registration.


Quitting sugar is an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual process, which requires much more than will power to succeed.

During this workshop, participants will learn techniques to help them permanently break up with sugar, including techniques to:

- Use when you’re tempted to “cheat”

- Prepare your energy, mindset and intention prior to social gatherings where sugar will be prevalent

- Help you process the many emotions that arise during the process of quitting sugar (anger, sadness, frustration, isolation)

- Help you deeply connect with your purpose for quitting sugar

- Assist you in releasing old habits and developing healthy new ones

- Support you during the detox phase of quitting sugar

This workshop is perfect for anyone who:

- is in the process of quitting sugar

- desires to quit or cut back on sugar

- has tried to quit sugar but hasn’t succeeded

- is interested in learning techniques to cut out other foods (gluten, dairy, etc.)

Per her doctor’s advice, Molly Hamill decided to break up with sugar to help heal her gut and thyroid. Since doing so, she’s never felt better.

Molly is a certified life coach, Kundalini yoga teacher, and is certified in EQi 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence Assessment) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She’s passionate about helping other women release the blocks, beliefs and behaviors that are holding them back from feeling and being their best self.


Sat Nam.


"I attended the quitting sugar workshop with my daughter. I live in the South and had never experienced Kundalini yoga (or really any other forms either) before. I really enjoyed the class and learned some helpful tips & tricks to use at home when cravings kick in." -Mary Perry

"I love kundalini yoga and I REALLY have a love(hate) relationship with sugar. I have struggled with my sweet tooth most of my life, cutting out bad habits for a while yet often falling off the wagon. In her workshop, Molly taught the technology of Kundalini in a way that's applicable to modern times. Whether you're experienced in your yoga practice or only beginning your journey, this was a great eye opener into easy to use methods and meditations which bring peace and clarity in times when cravings may be out of control. I'm thankful for the experience & I've already used some of the meditations in moments of weakness."

-Emily Perry