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Magnificent Magnetism with The Mahanrajs with Marcia Frescura

“You have never been taught to become you. You have been taught to become “somebody.” Yogi Bhajan

Inside of you is a vital flow of cosmic energy. It is the illumination of your becoming and it is your destiny, the trick is understanding….DEEPLY, you are not broken, you are not flawed, you are designed perfectly to become the Greatest of the Great with your own Soul. This workshop is about becoming whole heartedly the YOU of you!

* When You are YOU; you magnetize opportunity and success into your life

* The meditative mind will turn stress into energy jems every time

* Experience a system of healings, kriyas and meditations that deliver you at the point of entry to Magnetism every time.

* Bring a journal for real time energy goal setting and magnetic journaling

 Sat nam.