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New Moon Women's Collective: Myriad of Sita's

New Moon Women’s Collective: “The Myriad of Sita’s”
With Jai Guru Sheel

Friday, June 23
5:15 pm (Doors open)
 6:30 pm (Meditation begins)

This month’s new moon is in the water sign of Cancer. As yogis we avoid generating karma, but we can’t really avoid living in the Realm of Karma. In this Realm, there is a designated population called the Myriad of Sita’s— a select sorority of cool, graceful ladies whose personal sovereignty created by vibrating sacred mantras makes them invincible, and any attempts by others to steal their Light…will fail.

It’s time to elevate your existence…and flow into an earthly experience of Divine Grace that has been patiently waiting for you.

We will be raffling a beautiful Kundalini Crystal Pouch from Infinite Love Design and a delicate trinket from Ceara Leann Jewelry. Free Angel Card Readings from resident energy healer and plant medicine goddess, Antoinette starting at 5:15. Sacred sister meditation starting at 6:30.

Join us as we create a powerful portal of healing and wellness for ourselves, our families, and the Cosmos.

Sat nam.