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Your Antidote to Pain and Suffering Retreat Sampler

Supreme Mind Training = Let the Story of Success Begin
Join the Mahanrajs May 7th 12:30 to 3:30pm

This workshop is a quick journey into healing with powerful antidotes for your pain, suffering and self-sabotage. The Master Yogi Bhajan gave us a great refuge during the 1980’s when he started his rebirthing classes. His genius guides us still today as we untie the knots of fear created by our childhood and past lives. We have a Destiny! And that Destiny is to be Happy Healthy and Holy, let’s go there today, together!

You Will Experience:

*Energetic Healing that puts your Soul in the command seat and your mind a willing servant

*Tips and Techniques to do at home to continue your awakening to Greatness

*Connection to your Soul Virtues which will open up many life opportunites

“You are the Soul consciousness of God. Try to understand and realize your basic value. These values will become virtues. Virtues will bring you a lot of opportunities. Opportunities will bring you peace, and the story of success will begin. You will expand.” Yogi Bhajan

This workshop is a preview of what you can experience during the in house retreat at Kundalini Windansea July 28-30 

 Sat Nam.