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New Moon Women's Collective

Join forces with San Diego Adi Shaktis at this monthly manifestation of power...featuring Kundalini Windansea fave, Mahanraj Kaur...

Sunday, March 26

12:30-3 pm

$25 pre-reg, $30 door

Trust Your Fiery Self!!

New Moon in Aries Marks the Goddess New

Today we prepare the fertile ground of our Intuition! This Aries New Moon is accompanied by 5 other planets in Aries. Venus is asking us to Trust ourselves and Uranus is saying have faith in the unusual, trust your intuition to step into the uncharted territory..YOU ARE READY!

This Aries Ram says to the Goddess, have faith and step into defiance; fearlessness; radical independence and risk-taking. This is not a time to obey or conform. Life begins when we get up and move, when we take chances and discover the thrill of the unorthodox. In yoga, as in life, there exists such a concept as divine compromise. We should not adhere to the expectations of society if they interfere with our basic spiritual needs.

Powerful Kriya for Greatness, Meditation and New Moon Journey, Connection and Empowerment...

Sat nam.