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Ignite Inner Vitality and Activate Self Love

Ignite Inner Vitality and Activate Self Love
with ancient Kundalini Martial Art--Gatka
taught by International Gatka Teacher SiriKartar Kaur
Saturday, Feb. 25
1-4 PM
$30 Presale, $40 Day of Event

"...Therefore, Gatka means, one whose freedom, sovereignty and liberty belongs to grace. It is an art of self-defense which makes a person graceful...It has 2 ½ steps to the left and 2 ½ steps to the right. The 2 ½ steps movements produce a 3 ½ cycle of the electromagnetic psyche to create one-point and a half strength of endurance with the electromagnetic field of the infinity of the universe." -Yogi Bhajan

  • Empower yourself with Kundalini Yoga sets combined with Naad Yoga (essence of Sound) to evoke your power of auric projection.
  • Connect with the vastness of your heart chanting ancient mantra.
  • Coordinate and revitalize your hemispheres playing Gatka (Indian Martial Art) while building stamina and enhancing focus of body and mind.
  • The workshop will conclude with sounds of celebration, moving our body with the dance..because life is a celebration!

SiriKartar (originally from Rome, Italy) is one of the few individuals that teaches Gatka, a martial art from India, known as the Dance of the Sword and has been for over thirty years. Unlike other martial arts Gatka relates to the female aspect in us. Its power and skills expressed in dance-like flowing movements, while each step is accompanied by the sound of Indian devotional kirtan. Gatka improves coordination, focus, determination, projection and ability to eliminate the blockages residing in our subconscious mind.
Sat nam. 

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