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Plant Medicine Tea Party with Antoinnette Chirinos

With Green Witch Antoinnette Chirinos

*$35* Maximum 11 Souls**

Please bring a journal, your favorite mug and any crystals from your altar you want charged.

Plant Medicine expert Antoinnette will take us through a plant medicine ritual of two plant tea tastings. She will use the forces of nature and pranayam to clear the path so the plants can guide us into rapid states of healing. The emotional clarity and breakthroughs are unbelievable.

Said one participant of her plant guide breakthrough:

"Today I saw parts of myself in every other woman around me. And I know that within my doubts and struggles, you maybe see a small piece of you. And just maybe, you will feel less alone, and see a glimpse of hope that one day will come when you see how beautiful you really are and all else will just make sense. Because it will..."

Sat nam.