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The Science of Listening with Mata Mandir SIngh Khalsa

The Science of Listening

A Workshop with Mata Mandir Singh
Sunday, November 13
1:00-4:00 PM
In this class we will talk about the physical universe on a quantum level, the sub atomic level of existence.
There are two types of sound in the yoga lexicon: Ahad Sounds and Anahad Sounds. These translate as Struck sounds, (ahad), and the Un-struck melody or music of the spheres (anahad).
We will speak of vibratory frequencies, the nature of sound and its relationship to the creation and infinity.
We will discuss the brain chemistry of listening and the effects of deep listening on the human being We will practice how to let go of all distractions, to become zero, or achieve a state of “shuniya."
We will do this in order to find that creative emptiness within, and to hear the primal sounds of creation within ourselves.
Sat nam.