Private Appointments

We now offer a specialized menu of services to keep your kundalini energy rising between classes and opportunities to use our space for personalized sessions where you can curate your journey within on a deeper level.

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What if there was one piece of information that was the key to creating connection to your Spirit on a daily basis and in all areas of your life? Using the system of divination associated with Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Numerology, Sheel will explain to you the energy and characteristics of your Spirit, and look at areas of your life (romance, finance/business, family relationships, etc.) through the blueprint of your Soul Number. She will also analyze the current year and coming year, culminating in a manageable meditation you can do daily to create more magical moments in your life. The experience includes a one-on-one hourlong session at Kundalini Windansea or via Skype, and a personalized manageable meditation.



Born and raised in Peru, in a household where home remedies with native herbs and fruits were common, Sacred Plant Medicine-Holistic Healing specialist, Antoinnette uses intuition and familiarity with plant medicine to practice energy healing. Using ancient prayer and sacred herbs she leads clients into a meditative state, opening up a dimension where healing takes place. The hour-long session includes discussion of a root problem and energy work to bring the body and chakras back in place. If you are looking for big shift, come see Antoinnette.



Whether you want to learn the basics or try a deeper meditation, Heather can help. She is a KRI trained Kundalini instructor that also has worked as high school teacher—bring your teen or grand-teen in to meditate with you. After discussing what you are seeking, Heather will create the memorable Kundalini moment for you. 60-90 minute sessions available for individuals and/or groups. 



Use Kundalini to relish the brief moments of your life when you are carrying your child, or to bond with your newborn. We also have special meditations to do with your friends and family before the baby is born to clean karma and prepare for the birth. Whether it is a private session, or with friends, the area of Kundalini teachings that relates to pregnancy and birth is rich with experiences that will leave you and your child feeling fully supported by the Universe, so you can relax, and take it easy.