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We now offer a specialized menu of services to keep your kundalini energy rising between classes and opportunities to use our space for personalized sessions where you can curate your journey within on a deeper level.

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What if there was one piece of information that was the key to creating connection to your Spirit on a daily basis and in all areas of your life? Using the system of divination associated with Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Numerology, Sheel will explain to you the energy and characteristics of your Spirit, and look at areas of your life (romance, finance/business, family relationships, etc.) through the blueprint of your Soul Number. She will also analyze the current year and coming year, culminating in a manageable meditation you can do daily to create more magical moments in your life. The experience includes a one-on-one hourlong session at Kundalini Windansea or via Skype, and a personalized manageable meditation.

“I am always intrigued by things out of my comfort zone. My experience with Sheel during my private tantric numerology session was more than pleasantly surprising. It felt like a little bit of magic, a dash of inspiration and a whole lot of insightful. Not only was Sheel able to tap into very personal reoccurring habits that do not serve me, but she was able to offer guidance on discovering my super powers and how to create more magic in my personal, professional and home life. The gift of having my own daily personal meditation and Kundalini practices has quickly served me more than I thought possible. I cannot imagine a more powerful, personal gift you could give to someone or yourself.”

-Keri Parker, Co-Founder CliqWithUs.Com, On-Air Beauty Expert, QVC Guest Host

“I had the most amazing experience during my Tantric Numerology session with Sheel! It was jam-packed with intuitive insights that literally created massive shifts in my life within hours of meeting with her. Sheel has an incredible ability to demystify and translate a vast technology into guidance that’s applicable to every day life. We talked about everything from prayer to elevated beauty and grooming habits, and she provided exercises I am able to do within a few minutes a day. My spirit and soul felt elevated and my body and mind had tools to integrate that energy into my life. The energy and passion that Sheel puts into these sessions creates such a healing and supportive experience. You will love it!”

-Molly Hamill, Life Coach, Thyroid Expert, Healer, Meditation Teacher

“My reading was one of the most meaningful, impactful and healing experiences I have ever had...How you described everything and used such amazing wisdom and insight, it was, well honestly life changing...Thank you Sheel for imparting the most amazing healing and uplifting reading I have ever had! You are the absolute best!”

-Marcia Mahanraj Kaur, Co-Owner Great Divine Flow, a yoga center in Vista, California