Thank You Kundalini Windansea Family for the amazing experiences we shared at this sacred space!

You can find heart-opening, joy-creating kundalini experiences in La Jolla at Buddhi Yoga with Sheel every Saturday and Monday at 10:00 am...and don’t miss her New Moon Gatherings and 11th Day Lunar Cycle Experiences...please check their events page for the updated schedule.

Shee is available for Tantric Numerology readings in person or via Skype ... learn more here.

If you are not local, practice from your home at—first month only $26 with promo code SATNAM.


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What our clients said about Kundalini Windansea


My husband John I have been looking for a mindful practice to share together and Kundalini was the answer! John has been practicing meditation for years and I’ve always struggled with making it a daily practice. After our first session with Sheel, we were hooked and plan to make it our weekly date night.
— John & Maria Assaraf
It’s a beautiful space, feels very open and free, yet cozy. Sheel is awesome. I really enjoyed her teaching and the way she explains kriyas and mantras was very helpful and inspiring. My soul felt lighter after her class! I will definitely be back, and am grateful that such great place now exists!
— Jessie Buddell
As a physician, I’ve been aware of the benefits of meditation and yoga. It’s one of the oldest medicines, and is also very current. So when Sheel invited me to a Kundalini class, I thought ‘sure, why not?’ I was impressed by how powerful the class was. I felt grounded and calm, but also engaged through the class. Since then I’ve taken many more Kundalini classes, and look forward to taking classes at Kundalini Windansea. It’s a prescription that everyone should have.
— Dr. Shakha Gillin
Thank you for the incredible gift of your class. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I have only taken 2 classes (Kundalini) I walked in both excited and stressed from a chaotic day at work. After experiencing your class my mind and body felt at peace and calm yet energized. Looking forward to my Kundalini journey and learning so much.
— Josie Turner
I haven’t done yoga in years and I found myself putting it off for some reason. During my first Kundalini session I found myself saying how happy I was to be doing something good for myself. It felt therapeutic and meditative and really made me connect and look inside. I felt rejuvenated after my first session.
— Katie O’Malley
Sheel is an amazing Kundalini instructor. She makes it easy to understand and easy to follow. I felt so good after her class and can’t wait to take it again. Kundalini should be a part of everyone’s yoga routine.
— Amanda McCarroll