Acceptance Is The Answer in 2018

Sat Nam Kundalini Windansea Family,


“You are not broken. You don’t need anyone or anything to heal you. I am not your teacher. You are not my student. Anything you are doing, saying, or how you are breathing—is all part of your path. And even though I may have a judgment of you or what i think will be a life-changing suggestion based on hard evidence, I will never see you in your glory as the Universe does.  But..that is what I ceaselessly aspire to do.”

You probably thought that was a message to you. However, in 2018, this is the message you need to embed into your 30 trillion cells and nine feet of aura to send out to others. And... please stop asking “teachers” how you should be. If you do these two things and connect with breath and Spirit regularly—to paraphrase B.K.S. Iyengar—all is coming in 2018. :)

2017 was a “10” year, a year that polished the diamond our Soul Identity by challenging us into making boundaries, and standing up for our values and creating channels for our Spirit to rise. 2018 is an “11” year, a year of Spiritual Mastery. What is the highest level of spiritual awareness? Acceptance of others, without ignorance of their True Identity.

This level of consciousness is not about looking the other way at bad behavior and “painting red flags white” as we say in is about seeing the good and the bad and having an expansive, loving and neutral reaction. The best way to explain this comes from the 11th Guru, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib: I am not bad. Everyone is good.

Can you get there this year? Yes! And..there’s something else..not only are you capable of Level 11—so is everyone else. So please be open to acceptance of YOU from others and resist the temptation to manipulate others so they will “like” you—raising the bar for higher vibration relationships steeped in Truth.

Happy New Year!