Sodarshan Chakra Kriya: The Ultimate Merger and Acquisition of the Divine

I am so in love with practicing Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. Before I begin my 62 minute practice I trick myself by saying, “It’s just a pranayam, it’s just a pranayam…,” I’m just sitting and breathing for an hour…no big deal.

However, this kriya is a very big deal. Yogi Bhajan called this the mother of all kriyas. It is named for Vishnu’s weapon he twirls around his finger to remove darkness from creation. It is the ultimate purification exercise—not to be “pure” as in “good,” but to be without density or patterns holding the Soul back from full expression in this incarnation. This ultimate form of authenticity has been described as being able merge with the Divine, like water into water, without difference, and you will be able to trust that which is trustworthy.

The mechanics of the breath aspect of the meditation are to inhale deep and slow through left nostril, hold for quite a while, then exhale right, using your right thumb and pinkie to close the right and left nostrils, accordingly.

This alone is amazing. A powerful breath practice balances the first eight bodies (Soul body, Three Minds, Physical Body, Arcline, Auric Body, and Pranic Body)…which connects you to your Infinite Identity and creates balance in the world as you encounter it.

Then…while holding the inhale, there is a nuanced navel flex to the beat of the mantra, “Wahe Guru.” The mantra is mentally recited 16 times, with 3 beats per recitation, totaling 48 “pumps” at the navel. Some describe the navel pump as 1/3 pulled in for “Wa,” 2/3 pulled in for “He,” and then all the way in for “Guru.” 

However, I have found it to be more of bouncing, oval sensation. The pressure created by the long inhale turns the central channel of your being, the Sushumna, into a tight drum, and the navel becomes subject to the heel of the hand of the Divine as it presses a little, a little more and then even more, pulsating the mantra throughout you and into the farthest realms of your energy field. By the 4th set of the last 4 Wahe Guru’s, the vibration is bumping like hip hop bass beat through all 30 trillion cells…

The eyes are 1/10th open, anchored to the tip of the nose. This is the “personality polishing” drishti point (eye-focus for meditations). Massaging the mantra “Wahe Guru” through the Sushumna central channel and into all parts of your being is what makes this the mother of all kriyas. That is how we set ourselves up for the ultimate yogic experience, Ajaapa—the organic “blooming” of mantra from within during moments of darkness without having to even try. When your cells are swimming in the flow of this sound current…there is really no other choice.

Are you excited to try this with us yet? One of my dear friends, Ravi Singh, practiced this meditation for 62 minutes at least once a day but more often than not twice a day for 18 years. (He also assigns this as part of our Teacher Training program—be sure to ask our trainees what they think of it if you are curious!) When talking to him about the meditation he planted the seed that it brings into focus and clarity where you came from, bringing prosperity and flow to where you are going. Then the Cosmos begins to accommodate your Spirit in a way it never seemed to before. 

Join me Sunday. We will warm up the spine and chakra system and dive into this rich meditative experience, on the 11th Day of the Lunar Cycle, and follow with a healing gong sound bath and yogi tea. 

Sat nam.