Baseball Season in the Grist Ashram

There is a yogi saying, “Grist Ashram, Mahan Ashram” which translates as the home is the ultimate ashram or place to practice yoga. In the yogic sense, our homes are incubators to multiple souls co-existing at different points in their life cycle—this “soul soup” can create unlimited opportunities to either lose your mind or use your home as a step stool to the Divine. 

Add on top of all that—seasonal shifts. In most homes, 99.9% of the time the woman’s Adi Shakti, feminine forces dictate the energy or mood of the home, hence the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” However, every blue moon the man’s life experience will dominate the household energetic experience. According to Kundalini yogic technology, men do have something similar to women’s moon cycles—only it takes place in conjunction with their work projects. So…when your husband’s work life has a change in “seasons” the whole family will experience a rebirthing similar to a women’s monthly moon cycle—just with more energy at stake.

The big season coming to our home, however, is Baseball Season. Our schedule and priorities and conversations will be taken over by San Diego Padres. How can we make sure our homes stay steady, neutral and peaceful when lots of new energy comes through?

Because it is so challenging to wrap our heads around practicing this stuff outside a yoga studio, a little kundalini mantra and meditation at home goes a long way. If the pose starts when you want to get out of it, then the power of kundalini beings to unleash when you are least inclined to practice it. With our resistance comes a gift of a channel waiting to break open to the Divine. Three minutes of breath work or continually playing a mantra to passively permeate and resonate the floorboards will dramatically raise and maintain the energy of your home. 

Try these techniques and shore up your home’s vibration for the season:

Breath Recipe to Cleanse (Energetic) Toxins

There is no better time to cleanse then in anticipation of or during times of energetic shifts. This breath recipe helps removes dense and energetic toxins before they make a surprise appearance and escape from our throat chakra and unnecessarily start a fight. (It also helps keep the thyroid and parathyroid glands in balance, prevent belly fat, and helps to flush out toxins—drink water afterwards to help assist the body with this process.)

Sit in a cross-legged pose or in a chair with both feet on the ground. (You could even do this while washing dishes, just do your best to keep the spine straight.) Stick your tongue out, feel a bit of stretch where the tongue connects deep in throat and pump the navel as you rapidly inhale and exhale through the mouth with the tongue extended. It feels like you are panting like a dog. Keep going. Start with one minute and work up to three minutes. Inhale deeply at the end and suspend the breath to lock in the experience into our Soul’s records (aka the Akashic Records) for ten seconds and exhale. Sit for a moment before moving on with your day. Practice daily for maximum effect. 

Mantra for a Cozy Fortress/Home
Satigur Kar Deenai by Jai-Jagdeesh

Sit in easy pose, hands in Gyan Mudra (forefinger and thumb connected, backs of hands resting on your knees) and listen to this mantra. Or play it on repeat quietly in a corner of your home where your family lives and bathe the area in this sound current. Your home will vibrate with total protection and love—no matter how your team is doing.

Sat nam and Go Padres!