Happy Spring Equinox

Tapas, or restraint, is one of the “values” of yogis. When we make a decision that entails some degree of frustration of desire, it sends up a fragrance to the Gods and causes blessings to come down (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly). 

How and when to practice austerities is not always clear. Some yogis avoid meat, smoking, alcohol, etc. One of the things I love about Kundalini is that once the pituitary gland, the seat of intuition, is activated, a highly personal protocol for pretty much all life decisions becomes clear. We know things like when and where to practice restraint. 

Besides the obvious areas like diet, one area I like to practice restraint in my life is with my spirituality budget. For the last decade, when a “carrot” of another training or another workshop with another “master” is dangled in front of me, I have stopped reacting when someone says I “have to” go to ______. Instead I pause. I meditate. I hear the line from Japji, that all 68 shrines for yogi pilgrimages are inside my mind waiting to be experienced. If the event or teacher can help me to understand that better, then it gets a maybe. Mostly, though, I pass, I keep growing on my path, and find my life keeps magically unfolding yogically

I like to think that from this restraint, a dam or pool of energy has been created which explains the amazing teachers and offerings that keep appearing regularly at Kundalini Windansea (all of whom pass the Japji test!). This weekend alone we have an incredible Shakti Naam Spring Equinox experience with live band (including sitar) Saturday night, a Plant Medicine Tea Party with Green Witch Antoinette Chirnois, and a New Moon Women’s Collective with one of my favorite teachers, Marcia Mahanraj Kaur. 

We also have Ravi Singh and wife Ana Brett offering their 200/300 hour training starting next month, which will take place over six weekends. I always know I am around a true “teacher” when I get feel that not only are they rooting for me and for my happiness…but they are also rooting for everyone to activate their Buddha natures, polish the inner diamond, and experience indestructible happiness. That’s how I feel about Ravi and Ana, and why I am stoked that they chose Kundalini Windansea as their west coast home for this training.

Gurumeher and I continually and intentionally cultivate our menu of esoteric offerings, making sure the energy is right. We like to offer experiences that you can’t get anywhere else, from teachers that will help you enjoy your life just as it is so that you can bloom…right where you are planted. 

Happy Spring Equinox.