The answers will come…if you just meditate. Be fearless. 

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Sat Nam Kundalini Windansea Family,

Sitting here watching the waves, thinking about meditations for the New Moon Goddess Gathering this Saturday, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. As a woman and a yogi, the holidays are such a potent time to practice authenticity.

When Guru Nanak had his famous conversation with Nath Yogis (the highest and most prestigious school of yogis at that time), he told them that taking on the responsibilities of a regular existence and managing the care of the generation before and after you while meditating on the sacred sound current was a better way of connecting to the Source then the austerities and detachment that the yogis practiced and the act of leaving their families to live in yogi villages in the mountains. This message of using the family life path as a practice of yoga was revolutionary.

What if you begin to view your decisions of where and how your family spends the holidays as a yogic act? On one hand you can do what your family or “lineage” has always done, or you can begin to carve out your legacy. Your legacy is the grace in which you treat your lineage as you let your authentic Spirit rise through your actions. 

What does this mean? It is nice and comforting to have established family traditions—an identity of “this is who we are” and “this is what we do.” It makes us feel like we have all this energy of our ancestors in our corner. However, sometimes that pattern of doing things can become stifling. Thank goodness for the rebels in our lineages that shifted traditions, moved to different countries, and bucked the system and said this is who I AM! When new ideas from Spirit rise, the lineage energy that lines deep grooves in our mind balks in fear and what felt like a ton of ancestors who have your back now feels like a clan—keeping you back. 

My message to you this holiday season is to tackle the issue before the greatest of yogis: how you can honor your lineage and your legacy at the same time. The answers will come…if you just meditate. Be fearless. 

Be well.