What's Happening at Kundalini Windansea


Sat Nam Kundalini Windansea Community,

We have some exciting events and workshops coming up! Also we are starting to build out our boutique with unique, soulful, inspired items to enhance that soul-centered kundalini-rising lifestyle…

In addition to books, CD’s, head wraps, and New Zealand sheepskins, we now have custom-made malas from our friend Laure in France. The malas and bracelets with lava stones can soak up a few drops of essential oils to enhance your vibration and the vibration of those you encounter throughout the day. We also are the only studio to offer activated, healing Moon Water from Peruvian plant medicine yogini goddess Antoinette. There are samples for you to try before or after class. She activates the water with full moon energy and meditation and plants she grows and crystals. Try them and see how you feel! 

Guru Mantra will be making an appearance Sunday, June 17, 1-3 P.M. at his Art of Shuniya workshop. He is a master teacher of Kundalini and it’s sister healing science, Sat Nam Rasayan. Guru Mantra is the San Diego Kundalini community’s hidden gem in Hillcrest. Come find out why and experience a super special meditative space called shuniya that he likens to “taking a space walk in your consciousness.”

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett are back! Everyone had a great experience at their “Shine Like the Star You Are” workshop during our Grand Opening Week. They are now doing a “Diamond Body” workshop on Sunday July 31, 10:30 am-12:30 pm where we will empower and balance all the bodies creating a new, Diamond Body, that is far more radiant then the sum of its parts!

On the next New Moon, August 2, we will have a *FREE* Aquarian Sadhana led by Guru Amrit with live mantra by Nicole from 3:40 am to 6:10 am. This meditative experience is unique to Kundalini. We meditate at these hours, which we call amrit vela, because the veil of illusion, Maya, is at its thinnest, and the nervous system and glandular system are easily balanced and aligned with the Soul. Plus, the group aura at this hour calibrates the invidual aura so that it stays balanced and radiant for the rest of the day…come see for yourself! We will start with a sacred mantra, Japji, then have kundalini class followed by 62 minutes of mantra meditation. Children are welcome! (If you are planning to come, please bring a head scarf for the reading of Japji. We will also have them available for you to borrow.)