July 4th Schedule

Sat Nam Kundalini Windansea Community, 

In lieu of regular classes on Monday, July 4th, we will have one class 12:00-1:15 pm with Guru Amrit Kaur. Celebrate the 4th by strengthening the 4th body, the Neutral Mind, and begin to understand inter-dimensional, absolute freedom and independence, aka JiwanMukt. Suitable for beginners. 

Regular class schedule resumes July 5.

Also please mark your calendars for the Art of Shuniya Workshop, Sunday, July 17, 1-3 pm with Guru Mantra--a Master teacher of Kundalini yoga and its sister science of healing, Sat Nam Rasayan.  

There are world upon worlds and universes upon universes in this existence. Through it all is one pervading force, silence or Shuniya. Access this space between your thoughts, utilize it, dwell in it. It is within this space that everything is possible.

This workshop is suitable for beginners. Expect a regular kundalini class with a strong meditative space followed by an experience of relaxed, total awareness and an enhanced capacity to heal yourself and others. Also, expect to laugh because Guru Mantra has an awesome sense of humor.

Sat nam, 
Sheel and Gurumeher

P.S. Many of you asked about how to reach Saige Walding who gave wonderful chair massages at our Summer Solstice party...she can be found at Salon Santo Thomas in Old Town (619) 299-1227.