...Transition Time...

Dear Kundalini Windansea Family,


Thank you for helping me making my dream into a reality. When starting my business I was presented with many paths and detours, and the only way to navigate my way was with my practice, and, most importantly, with my intuition. I knew I wanted to create a space that brought these teachings I love so dearly to busy women, in a serene setting, and give people a space to truly merge with their Spirit. This was my business plan.

After an extended period of deliberation, I have made the decision of transitioning the studio into an online presence, close our physical location and continue foster the our community via classes I will teach at Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla. Over the past almost two years I have had the privilege of creating and sharing this sacred space with each one of you so this was not an easy decision to make. As I have learnt and grown as a teacher, so has my desire to spread the power of these teachings to a wider audience, and the best way to do this is through the launch of my new online platform: kundaliniwithsheel.com.

With kundaliniwithsheel.com I have recreated the same experience of the studio that fits in with your busy lifestyles, and a space for you to rhythmically and regularly connect with your Soul, and help you navigate your life towards more Joy and being more You.

I’m so grateful to all of the Souls that have come through our doors, many trying kundalini for the first time. I look forward to staying connected with you through weekly classes Saturday and Monday mornings (10:00 am) at Buddhi Yoga, starting February 10, and some Sunday mornings and special events at the Beach House. (Join me for the first Sunday at the Beach House, January 28...more info at the end of this email.)

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to the amazing teachers, our manager and the front desk crew who, like me, were devoted to getting these teachings out there in order to bring more joy into people’s lives. (And also to Local Juice Co that has for the past year, been donating juice at our studio in order to raise money for a recovery home for women, just because...)

We intend to have classes at the studio through January 27—so please come and say farewell to our sacred space, even if you haven’t been for a while! And, if you have any remaining class packs, they will convert with full value to classes at Buddhi Yoga on February 1. (Groupons and 2 week special for new students not included.)

Buddhi Yoga has over 65 classes a week, of yoga and FlowLift (which will transform your body). I’m so excited to join this hip and fun community led by two phenomenal yogis and friends, Amanda McCarroll and Carolina Vivas. Both have been amazing supporters of the Kundalini Windansea vision and collaborative throughout this journey (Amanda even did some gnarly 62 minute practices with me at the space before we opened, deep breathing through the paint fumes!). I’m so grateful to have landed in a place that recognizes how special and transformational this practice is. Join me for a FREE 11th Day Lunar Cycle Experience there January 26th - Details at the end of this email.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out my amazing husband for always supporting my visions —leaving the house at 3:00am to lead meditations, leaving the kids for dinner when a teacher called in sick, never complaining when our weekend dates got postponed because some amazing yogi was in town. As women, we are Spirit Keepers of our homes, and sometimes I had to tend to the studio more then our home’s Spirit—and he has never complained.

I am honored to have shared the studio space with you and am very excited to continue to share these beloved teachings with you as we move into this new phase.

See you at the studio for my last classes...and then off to my new home at Buddhi Yoga!


Acceptance Is The Answer in 2018

Sat Nam Kundalini Windansea Family,


“You are not broken. You don’t need anyone or anything to heal you. I am not your teacher. You are not my student. Anything you are doing, saying, or how you are breathing—is all part of your path. And even though I may have a judgment of you or what i think will be a life-changing suggestion based on hard evidence, I will never see you in your glory as the Universe does.  But..that is what I ceaselessly aspire to do.”

You probably thought that was a message to you. However, in 2018, this is the message you need to embed into your 30 trillion cells and nine feet of aura to send out to others. And... please stop asking “teachers” how you should be. If you do these two things and connect with breath and Spirit regularly—to paraphrase B.K.S. Iyengar—all is coming in 2018. :)

2017 was a “10” year, a year that polished the diamond our Soul Identity by challenging us into making boundaries, and standing up for our values and creating channels for our Spirit to rise. 2018 is an “11” year, a year of Spiritual Mastery. What is the highest level of spiritual awareness? Acceptance of others, without ignorance of their True Identity.

This level of consciousness is not about looking the other way at bad behavior and “painting red flags white” as we say in recovery...it is about seeing the good and the bad and having an expansive, loving and neutral reaction. The best way to explain this comes from the 11th Guru, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib: I am not bad. Everyone is good.

Can you get there this year? Yes! And..there’s something else..not only are you capable of Level 11—so is everyone else. So please be open to acceptance of YOU from others and resist the temptation to manipulate others so they will “like” you—raising the bar for higher vibration relationships steeped in Truth.

Happy New Year!


Walking with Guru Nanak...

This Saturday’s Full Moon in Taurus is also the birthday of Guru Nanak. One of the most useful things I’ve uncovered from studying his teachings is that we don’t need to beg the Universe for prosperity and peace, we only need to be a clear channel (which we create through meditation) and assume our role as a co-Creator of our destiny. This is a moment to remember we don’t have to beg for blessings, but be steady in our curiosity and wonder…

I would like to share a cool story about Guru Nanak with you that illustrates this…

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Baseball Season in the Grist Ashram

There is a yogi saying, “Grist Ashram, Mahan Ashram” which translates as the home is the ultimate ashram or place to practice yoga. In the yogic sense, our homes are incubators to multiple souls co-existing at different points in their life cycle—this “soul soup” can create unlimited opportunities to either lose your mind or use your home as a step stool to the Divine. 

Add on top of all that—seasonal shifts. In most homes, 99.9% of the time the woman’s Adi Shakti, feminine forces dictate the energy or mood of the home, hence the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” However, every blue moon the man’s life experience will dominate the household energetic experience. According to Kundalini yogic technology, men do have something similar to women’s moon cycles—only it takes place in conjunction with their work projects. So…when your husband’s work life has a change in “seasons” the whole family will experience a rebirthing similar to a women’s monthly moon cycle—just with more energy at stake.

The big season coming to our home, however, is Baseball Season. Our schedule and priorities and conversations will be taken over by San Diego Padres. How can we make sure our homes stay steady, neutral and peaceful when lots of new energy comes through?

Because it is so challenging to wrap our heads around practicing this stuff outside a yoga studio, a little kundalini mantra and meditation at home goes a long way. If the pose starts when you want to get out of it, then the power of kundalini beings to unleash when you are least inclined to practice it. With our resistance comes a gift of a channel waiting to break open to the Divine. Three minutes of breath work or continually playing a mantra to passively permeate and resonate the floorboards will dramatically raise and maintain the energy of your home. 

Try these techniques and shore up your home’s vibration for the season:

Breath Recipe to Cleanse (Energetic) Toxins

There is no better time to cleanse then in anticipation of or during times of energetic shifts. This breath recipe helps removes dense and energetic toxins before they make a surprise appearance and escape from our throat chakra and unnecessarily start a fight. (It also helps keep the thyroid and parathyroid glands in balance, prevent belly fat, and helps to flush out toxins—drink water afterwards to help assist the body with this process.)

Sit in a cross-legged pose or in a chair with both feet on the ground. (You could even do this while washing dishes, just do your best to keep the spine straight.) Stick your tongue out, feel a bit of stretch where the tongue connects deep in throat and pump the navel as you rapidly inhale and exhale through the mouth with the tongue extended. It feels like you are panting like a dog. Keep going. Start with one minute and work up to three minutes. Inhale deeply at the end and suspend the breath to lock in the experience into our Soul’s records (aka the Akashic Records) for ten seconds and exhale. Sit for a moment before moving on with your day. Practice daily for maximum effect. 

Mantra for a Cozy Fortress/Home
Satigur Kar Deenai by Jai-Jagdeesh

Sit in easy pose, hands in Gyan Mudra (forefinger and thumb connected, backs of hands resting on your knees) and listen to this mantra. Or play it on repeat quietly in a corner of your home where your family lives and bathe the area in this sound current. Your home will vibrate with total protection and love—no matter how your team is doing.

Sat nam and Go Padres!


Happy Spring Equinox

Tapas, or restraint, is one of the “values” of yogis. When we make a decision that entails some degree of frustration of desire, it sends up a fragrance to the Gods and causes blessings to come down (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly). 

How and when to practice austerities is not always clear. Some yogis avoid meat, smoking, alcohol, etc. One of the things I love about Kundalini is that once the pituitary gland, the seat of intuition, is activated, a highly personal protocol for pretty much all life decisions becomes clear. We know things like when and where to practice restraint. 

Besides the obvious areas like diet, one area I like to practice restraint in my life is with my spirituality budget. For the last decade, when a “carrot” of another training or another workshop with another “master” is dangled in front of me, I have stopped reacting when someone says I “have to” go to ______. Instead I pause. I meditate. I hear the line from Japji, that all 68 shrines for yogi pilgrimages are inside my mind waiting to be experienced. If the event or teacher can help me to understand that better, then it gets a maybe. Mostly, though, I pass, I keep growing on my path, and find my life keeps magically unfolding yogically

I like to think that from this restraint, a dam or pool of energy has been created which explains the amazing teachers and offerings that keep appearing regularly at Kundalini Windansea (all of whom pass the Japji test!). This weekend alone we have an incredible Shakti Naam Spring Equinox experience with live band (including sitar) Saturday night, a Plant Medicine Tea Party with Green Witch Antoinette Chirnois, and a New Moon Women’s Collective with one of my favorite teachers, Marcia Mahanraj Kaur. 

We also have Ravi Singh and wife Ana Brett offering their 200/300 hour training starting next month, which will take place over six weekends. I always know I am around a true “teacher” when I get feel that not only are they rooting for me and for my happiness…but they are also rooting for everyone to activate their Buddha natures, polish the inner diamond, and experience indestructible happiness. That’s how I feel about Ravi and Ana, and why I am stoked that they chose Kundalini Windansea as their west coast home for this training.

Gurumeher and I continually and intentionally cultivate our menu of esoteric offerings, making sure the energy is right. We like to offer experiences that you can’t get anywhere else, from teachers that will help you enjoy your life just as it is so that you can bloom…right where you are planted. 

Happy Spring Equinox. 


My Kichari Recipe

Vata #AF Kitchari and the Intuitive Diet

Like most of us in this Age of Information I can get frenzied trying to find the end of the Internet when I am researching something, or meditate with such intensity and focusedness as though I need to “win” the meditation. If that sort of thinking resonates with you, then this is the recipe for you—because you are Vata #AF.

I am also an “O” blood type, and if you follow the Blood Type Diet, you know that lentils make an “O” bloated and gassy. However, I have a special trick to preparing them that offsets their “O” resistance, here it is:

When you wash the mung beans, wash them 7-9 times. 1 or 2 rinses is not enough! I get a sieve and bowl and drench them in water, spray them with the spray nozzle and then sift them in and out of the bowl into the sieve several times. When I don’t do this, I experience bloating.

The other trick to preparing this recipe so that it is friendlier to my digestive system, is I use a lot of water while the mung beans and rice are cooking, and very little oil. I will explain that process below.

Ayurveda is a vast sister science to yoga that deals with wellness and nutrition and balancing the elements and energies of the spiritual being in the human form. Its origins have actually nothing to do with diet, but yogis wanting to find the formula for faster, cleaner, better meditative experiences. They figured out that breath controls the mind, and creating a favorable stomach equilibrium ensured that the brain and body worked together to create a sustainable enlightened state of being.

Ayurveda, Kundalini—these technologies can be so vast and overwhelming.  The cool thing about meditation is that it develops intuition. What yogis know is that we don’t need to sit in a library all day, we just need to meditate and the right teachings will surface when we need them. What a relief!

One teaching that I have learned about eating as a Vata through meditation is that smoothies, although totally popular when packed with superfoods, are not the best choice for me. Then I read that Vatas do well with warm and moist food—information that validated my meditative download. That starts to happen more and more the more I rack up my meditative experiences.

If you want to start on the path of using your intuition for meal ideas, try playing the mantra “Ong Namo Guru Dayvaa.” This mantra is supposed to make the teacher appear. I’ve found it makes the right thoughts appear, and makes me willing to follow the suggestions of my intuition.  It also makes the “right” advice come to me. So now if some book on sugar written in the 70’s magically appears in my life with a sparkly aura, I read it. That’s because Guru Gayvaa it to me!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the recipe or any experiences you have had from intuitive eating!

Sat nam,


Vata #AF Kitchari

½ cup Organic Mung Beans
½ cup Basmati Rice
½ ceaspoon Cumin Seeds
1 teaspoon Banyan Botanicals Kitchari Mix
1 teaspoon Olive Oil (or any other oil you like, i.e. Sesame)
¼ teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt
½ Onion chopped
½ thumb of Ginger chopped
1 large Clove of Garlic chopped (or 2 small)
¼ teaspoon Cayenne (optional)
1 cup of Organic Spinach

The "Chonch"

1)   First warm up medium pot 30 seconds at medium to high heat, then put in cumin seeds for 1 minute, then add the Kitcharee Mix, stir as cumin seeds start popping (I love the Soup Pot by Le Creuset, 2 ¾ QT)

2)   Add the oil and create a paste, this is the “chonch” or the base spice mixture 

3)   Add onion and garlic and ginger (cooked onion okay for Vata, raw onion not so much) (Kundalini recipes favor this “trinity” root combo for its effects on creating fire in the 3rd chakra, supporting the cardiovascular system, and helping toxins move out of the body.)

4)   Add the rice and mung beans (rinse both several times with a sieve and bowl, back and forth), mix for 10 seconds then

Pot 1/2 Covered

5)   Add 2 cups of water, bring to a boil under a ½ covered pot (never fully cover the pot, because you need to monitor the contents) set the timer for 30 minutes

6)   Put on a mantra you are working with, or if you are mantra-d out, put on some Mighty 1090 and listen to what is going on with the San Diego Padres, and stir the contents, if you feel anything sticking, add more water ½ cup at a time

The Finished Recipe

7)   Over the course of the 30 minutes, you will probably add close to two more cups of water, and when you are not adding water, keep the pot ½ covered. You want the water to massage the mung beans, not just boil around them, so stir in between adding water. (Yes, you have to stand over the pot for 30 minutes. Or else it will stick to the bottom—unless you add a ton of oil which will make you even more Vata #AF. You can do cat cow standing, press your hands above your needs inhale up and exhale down…)

8)   The last 10 minutes add salt, then the last five minutes add Spinach and cayenne (optional—Vatas can have spices in moderation, totally fine…chocolate same thing!). You can also add ½ teaspoon of Coconut Oil for taste after you turn off the heat. 

4 October Workshops

Sat nam Kundalini Windansea Community,

Happy Fall Equinox! We have some super cool events in October for you to get your Kundalini Rising....

Art of Shuniya Part II

with Guru Mantra Singh
Sunday, October 2, 1-3 pm, $40

Mantra Meditation Experience for Miracles

Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru
With Live Mantra by Nicole Goldsmid
Saturday, October 8, 3:45-6:30 am

Heal Your Trauma and Live Your Dharma

With the Mahanraj's
Saturday, October 15, 1:30-4:30 pm

We Are Made of Music: Mool Mantra Workshop

With Guru Amrit Kaur
Saturday, October 29, 1-3 pm $40

And we were humbled to learn that we were voted one of the top two yoga studios in La Jolla by La Jolla Light Readers! We are committed to providing a best in class kundalini meditative experience in every class, and hope you will tell your friends about this new (but ancient) technology! 

-- Sheel and Gurumeher

Summer Update from KWS

Sat nam Kundalini Windansea Community,

Just wanted to let you know about some unique offerings we have coming up

Mantra Meditation - August 26

This Friday, August 26, we will have a ***FREE*** Mantra Meditation 3:00 am to 6:00 am. It will include 11 minutes of the Guru Ram Das mantra, and 2 1/2 hours of Long Ek Ong Kar. This mantra also known as the “Morning Call” is a time-coded mantra for the Age of Kaliyuga to unlock visibility of the Truth with its 8 levers (like syllables). We will use our minds and bandhas or locks, to send this sound current through the chakras and up our spine and out of our crown—over and over again. When Yogi Bhajan first came to this country this was the only mantra he taught students the first year. We do this mantra meditation on his birthday every year, 2 1/2 hours before dawn to harness the power of the amrit vela and also the group aura of kundalini yogis around the world chanting these mantras at this time together! We hope to live stream it through our Facebook account, so if you can’t make it in please tune in and feel the vibrations! Yogi Bhajan was known for saying, “I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them.” This mantra meditation is the “miracle reliance” meditation. 

Live Mantra Class - September 1

The following Friday, September 1 from 7:00 am - 8:30 am, we will have a yoga class and live mantra concert by Nicole Goldsmid. Class will be taught by Gurumeher Khalsa. This event is ***FREE***—please bring a friend and let them experience what the Kundalini thing is all about. We will have yogi tea and snacks. Come kick of you Labor Day Weekend with some amazing Kundalini energy!

Kundalini Beauty Secrets - September 10

Aerial is doing her Kundalini Beauty Secrets Workshop September 10, 1-3 pm. Find out ancient tricks to get rosy cheeks, clear eyes, and how to create strong Goddess aura and energy patterns to prevent pettiness and self-sabotage. 

Full Moon Meditation - September 16

Finally, the next Full Moon, September 16, Guru Amrit will be giving a workshop on Death and Dying. What does these precious teachings have to say about the Soul’s journey at the time of death? Kundalini teachings on this subject are powerful and you will do a group meditation that will leave you in a new relationship not only with your Soul, but also your life. Note the time of this workshop is 9 PM to 12 AM. Friday night full moon meditation!

-Sheel and Gurumeher

What's Happening at Kundalini Windansea


Sat Nam Kundalini Windansea Community,

We have some exciting events and workshops coming up! Also we are starting to build out our boutique with unique, soulful, inspired items to enhance that soul-centered kundalini-rising lifestyle…

In addition to books, CD’s, head wraps, and New Zealand sheepskins, we now have custom-made malas from our friend Laure in France. The malas and bracelets with lava stones can soak up a few drops of essential oils to enhance your vibration and the vibration of those you encounter throughout the day. We also are the only studio to offer activated, healing Moon Water from Peruvian plant medicine yogini goddess Antoinette. There are samples for you to try before or after class. She activates the water with full moon energy and meditation and plants she grows and crystals. Try them and see how you feel! 

Guru Mantra will be making an appearance Sunday, June 17, 1-3 P.M. at his Art of Shuniya workshop. He is a master teacher of Kundalini and it’s sister healing science, Sat Nam Rasayan. Guru Mantra is the San Diego Kundalini community’s hidden gem in Hillcrest. Come find out why and experience a super special meditative space called shuniya that he likens to “taking a space walk in your consciousness.”

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett are back! Everyone had a great experience at their “Shine Like the Star You Are” workshop during our Grand Opening Week. They are now doing a “Diamond Body” workshop on Sunday July 31, 10:30 am-12:30 pm where we will empower and balance all the bodies creating a new, Diamond Body, that is far more radiant then the sum of its parts!

On the next New Moon, August 2, we will have a *FREE* Aquarian Sadhana led by Guru Amrit with live mantra by Nicole from 3:40 am to 6:10 am. This meditative experience is unique to Kundalini. We meditate at these hours, which we call amrit vela, because the veil of illusion, Maya, is at its thinnest, and the nervous system and glandular system are easily balanced and aligned with the Soul. Plus, the group aura at this hour calibrates the invidual aura so that it stays balanced and radiant for the rest of the day…come see for yourself! We will start with a sacred mantra, Japji, then have kundalini class followed by 62 minutes of mantra meditation. Children are welcome! (If you are planning to come, please bring a head scarf for the reading of Japji. We will also have them available for you to borrow.)

July 4th Schedule

In lieu of regular classes on Monday, July 4th, we will have one class 12:00-1:15 pm with Guru Amrit Kaur. Celebrate the 4th by strengthening the 4th body, the Neutral Mind, and begin to understand inter-dimensional, absolute freedom and independence, aka JiwanMukt. Suitable for beginners. 

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Kids Yoga and Meditation + Prenatal Yoga

Tuesdays: Kids Meditation and Yoga 

Let your child experience true soul nourishment and learn the skill of meditation, develop intuition, and experience self-empowerment at our Kids Meditation and Yoga class.

These classes are limited to 8 students. For children aged 4-8 years old. Signing up online strongly encouraged.

Tuesdays at 3:30 pm.

Saturdays: Prenatal Kundalini

Kundalini technology has wonderful meditations for the expecting yogini.

This is the one time in a woman’s life when she shares her arcane with another Soul. These classes will be calming, nurturing and Guru Amrit creates a special space befitting this extra special time in a woman’s life.

Saturdays at 11:45 am.

Read more on our website.